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    "When you combine your mind, your heart, your resources, and throw them in motion for the betterment of others you have the power to change the world." -Bente Strong, Investment and Philanthropic Advisor

    Financial Heart Space, LLC provides a truly holistic approach to financial health, planning and wealth management.


    We collaborate with traditional financial planners and wealth managers to integrate the exterior talents of traditional financial planners with the interior skills of a money coach to reconnect the whole mind, body, and spirit with money and financial resources.


    We coach and facilitate workshops to teach our clients a practice to resolve inner conflicts and fear-based money blocks that limit their freedom to be happy, healthy and wealthy.


    We teach financial professionals interior finance skills and processes to integrate true holistic financial planning into their business.


    We design and facilitate transformational workshops and training to create heart-centered workspace environments and increase performance and profitability.


    One of the most valued and appreciated services we offer is helping our clients find an investment advisor or wealth manager they trust who shares our value-based philosophy of care.

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    A Step Beyond Stocks, Bonds and IRAs


    True Holistic Financial Planning is a financial planning process to reconnect the whole mind, body, and spirit with money and financial resources.


    It’s an inside-out approach that first resolves our inner conflicts and fear-based blocks that limit our ability to make clear confident decisions and plan for the future.


    The most common limiting belief focuses on our money and self-worth. Most of our pain and suffering is based on a big lie we tell ourselves: that we are not worthy. We need a financial planning process and guide to liberate us from the pain of unworthiness to get our power back.


    True Holistic Financial Planning combines the interior skills of a money coach, to free us from the pain of unworthiness, with the exterior talents of traditional financial planners to create a financial road map to grow and protect our wealth and finance our life plans.


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    True Holistic Financial Coaching is a life coaching program focused on liberating our clients from a scarcity mindset, a deeply rooted belief there is not enough to go around.


    We feel bad when we live in constant fear, doubt and worry about money. It's impossible to make good financial decisions and plan for the future.


    "The Abundance Mentality, on the other hand, flows out of a deep inner sense of personal worth and security. It is the paradigm that there is plenty out there and enough to spare for everybody. It results in sharing of prestige, of recognition, of profits, of decision making. It opens possibilities, options, alternatives, and creativity." -Stephen Covey


    Free from a scarcity mindset, we feel better and begin to enjoy life from the heart space of abundance. Take your first step now to financial freedom.


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    Take on Your Money Shadow Today


    Be an Inspirational, Loving Leader

    Are you feeling stuck? Do you feel frustrated that no matter how much hard work and effort you put into growing your business and take it to the next level, there just isn’t “enough?" Like so many of us, maybe you too are living in the shadows of a “scarcity mindset."


    This workshop is designed specifically for the business owner and entrepreneur to get their power back from a fear-driven “scarcity mindset.”


    During this heart-centered experiential journey, we will look back at our money story to find the origins of our scarcity mindset, expose it to the light of truth and stop its power over us. With the truth revealed, you will experience the value of building your business from the creative and love-driven power of your heart.


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    Love, Joy, Abundance and Money

    Who or what has the power in your money relationship? In our culture, we all give away our power to money. When we give away our power, we feel fear - often the fear of lack, or not enough.


    This four-hour workshop is a heart-centered experiential “hero’s journey” to transform our fear of money to money as an expression of love. The goal of this workshop is to transform our fears and worry about money and finances into authentic power and freedom.


    Come prepared for an exciting adventure, where you will be challenged mentally, emotionally and spiritually as we encounter the Scarcity Dragon, to liberate ourselves from our fears and doubts about money.


    Everyone is worthy of being happy, joyous and free.


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    Empower Your Team with Love

    A heart-centered workplace is focused on shared internal values and purpose to achieve higher levels of performance and profitability. When focused on a cause or mission bigger than themselves, people can take down their armor and connect with an open heart to better serve the work and each other.


    Heart-centered work environments shift the way team members respond to fearful situations as they occur. With courage and vulnerability to be compassionately honest, people can connect and support each other to resolve conflict and increase performance and profitability.


    One of the most significant benefits of creating a heart-centered workspace is our ability to individually and collectively tap into a higher more creative operating system. Plugged into a higher power, people create, perform and produce at levels otherwise unobtainable. It feels better working with people who know you and value your true self.


    There are two forces that drive people and the organizations they run: fear and love. Fear of not enough, a scarcity mindset, or the creative power of love, the universal truth of abundance. The heart-centered workspace knows of these two driving forces and, with conscious intention, loves.


    Our workshops are custom-designed to first bring this awareness into the workspace and then teach tools and processes to transform fear-driven scarcity into love-driven abundance.


    Everyone deserves the opportunity to perform at their highest potential.


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  • Scott Mason

    President, The Brooklyn Press

    As a speaker and workshop facilitator, Martin Cowart has the substantive knowledge, the unique point of view and the public presentation mojo to provide an experience that will be both informative and memorable.


    Bringing experiences gleaned from his many years as a successful small business owner, financial advisor, and consultant/coach, Martin has the knowledge and gravitas to credibly convey a message that is critical for his proposed audience -- but he also has the authenticity, ability to connect with others, and sense of humor necessary to ensure that his message is actually absorbed.


    The genuine concern he has for those he is there to teach, his mastery of public speaking, and his singular ability to create bonds with all sorts of people are sure to make his workshop a standout for everyone who attends.

    Chris Guidone

    President, Big Picture Tourism Consulting, LLC

    I have had the privilege to meet and work with Martin Cowart over the last year. He has been instrumental in helping me approach my relationship to money in a way that was totally unexpected and yet authentic and personal to my individual needs.


    Martin knows how to break down the obstacles that keep us from taking control and managing a healthy relationship with our financial fears. I am grateful for his heartfelt approach and unwavering personal support.

    Bradley Carlson

    Human Rights Activist - Real Estate Developer

    Martin has a rare combination of financial knowledge and emotional intelligence that is sorely needed today. Martin is passionate about helping people find better and more fulfilling relationships with their money.


    He helped me uncover blockages in integrating my financial choices with my life’s passions. I am grateful for what he did for me and what he is doing for others.

    Jacques Burgering

    I felt so much gratitude after my coaching session with Martin Cowart. He helped me unravel the emotions and stories around a financial issue in a safe and professional way.


    With his warm and calm southern voice, he lovingly and persistently asked the much-needed questions, so l could find my way back to my heart and soul! Thank you so much for this heartfelt and enlightening journey!

    Mark Reichard

    I had the pleasure of participating in Martin Cowart’s “Love, Joy, Abundance and Money” workshop in the fall of 2018. Through a combination of discussion, reflection, art, and play, Martin helped demystify our relationship with money, and actually illuminated its spiritual aspects— how it can be used to make the world and our lives better, kinder, more compassionate and more loving. I recommend Martin’s workshops to anyone who wishes to gain a better understanding of the role that money plays in our lives and to attain a proper balance between the material and the spiritual.

    Kate Kozlova

    High School Teacher, Yogini, World Traveler

    I had no idea what to expect when my partner asked if I wanted to attend Martin’s workshop but taming my scarcity dragon sounded epic so I went for it. I am forever grateful for making that decision because what I experienced that afternoon transformed my relationship with my finances and redefined scarcity for me.

    Martin creates an environment where participants are given the opportunity, to be honest with themselves and face their greatest fears about money and use them as stepping stones to inner growth. The workshop takes a creative and spiritual approach to financial literacy, which tackles financial insecurities from their psychological roots, offering long-term healing and liberation.

    Since embarking on this journey of self-exploration, my partner and I could reconcile our discomfort with being open and honest about our finances, I opened and cultivated my first savings account, and I no longer panic when I open up my bank app. Thank you, Martin!

  • Meet Martin Cowart, Prosperity Guide

    My greatest joy comes from guiding my clients and students through their journey of transformation.


    As a traditional financial planner, I was frustrated with the results of the planning we provided. Working with brilliant finance professionals, we would do everything to design and implement plans to support our clients to achieve their financial goals.


    Yet people still worried about their money and finances. People still felt powerless.


    I cultivated a rare talent for helping people discover and resolve their inner conflicts and fear-based blocks limiting their ability to make clear confident decisions and plan for the future.


    The most common limiting belief focuses on our money and self-worth. Most of our pain and suffering is based on a big lie we tell ourselves: that we are not worthy.


    We need a financial planning process and guide to liberate us from the pain of unworthiness. I created a revolutionary approach to financial well-being: True Holistic Financial Planning and Coaching.


    We begin with a journey into our past to explore our core beliefs that gave birth to this lie. Exposed to the light of truth we are liberated from these limiting beliefs, we get our power back and we feel better.


    Now we can approach financial planning from a place of truth and clarity of purpose.


    There is nothing more beautiful than being present to someone waking up to the truth of who they are and getting their power back.


    When we tap into our True Self, we realize we are part of something so much bigger than ourselves. It is so magnificent that the small, personal, narcissistic concerns simply dissolve.

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